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Trust and Estate Litigation

Our expertise in business, real estate, commercial litigation and transactions gives our clients a strategic advantage in aggressively representing our clients in trust and estate litigation and dispute resolution. Such disputes often arise in connection with the transfer, use and distribution of assets under a will or trust, by heirs, trustees, conservators and other trust and estate fiduciaries, and may involve real estate, business interests and other forms of cash, securities and substantial personal property.

We represent clients involved in trust, estate and will contest disputes, including:

  • Will Contests – Claims to the assets of the estate under a Will by heirs and beneficiaries, including claims of undue influence and financial elder abuse.
  • Trust Contests – Claims to the assets of a Trust estate by heirs and beneficiaries, including claims of undue influence and financial elder abuse.
  • Undue Influence, Breach of Fiduciary Duty and Financial Elder Abuse – Claims involving persons in a fiduciary capacity to beneficiaries and to the elderly. Fiduciaries may include trustees of trusts and estates, executors and administrators of wills, and conservators. Fiduciaries may also include persons who are in a position of trust who assist the elderly in managing their financial affairs, such as conservators, family members and close friends, financial consultants, caretakers and other professionals.

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