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Chuck & Tsoong, LLP, of Pasadena serves the sophisticated legal needs of businesses and individuals throughout California. For years, our experienced attorneys have provided legal representation and advice with respect to complex transactions, litigation and trusts and estate planning services for highly visible clients ranging from depository banks and mortgage lenders, to closely held businesses, corporations, partnerships and high net worth individuals.

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We understand the importance of our role as attorneys, advisers and advocates. Our clients' interests are our highest and foremost priority. Because our clients are regularly involved in high-stakes matters, both professionally and personally, they demand excellence in legal representation, efficiency, integrity and results.

We deliver.

Clients seek us out for a variety of reasons, not the least of which are our firm's foundational principles. These principles include:

  • Efficiency: We work efficiently and employ advanced technology to maximize value and spare our clients unnecessary expense. Our experienced litigators are also experienced negotiators and transactional advisors. As a result, they help our clients understand all of their legal options and when litigation does, and does not, serve their best interests.
  • Integrity: Our lawyers have earned the respect of clients and members of the legal community throughout Southern California, statewide and beyond. This respect means your representations to your business partners and your legal adversaries will be taken seriously and not disregarded as mere posturing.
  • Results: We have a record of success. Our team understands how to properly assess the strengths and weaknesses of your case while also helping you understand your rights and how to best protect them in negotiations, in contracting and in the courtroom.

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Chuck & Tsoong, LLP. Providing highest quality legal representation to businesses and individuals in the Greater Southern California area, Pasadena and throughout California. Contact us online or by telephone at 626-689-4000 to arrange a consultation with our experienced attorneys.

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